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Floating Docks

A floating dock is more than just a place to launch and park your boat or personal watercraft – it’s an extension of your on-the-water lifestyle.


Instead of traditional docks and boat lifts with unsightly aluminum poles, rusty steel cables and splinter-ridden, rotting wood greeting you at the water’s edge, you’re welcomed by what’s essentially a patio on the lake, where you can lounge comfortably and entertain friends in style.

Floating Docks

A free standing boat lift is a simple boat lift system that serves as an alternative to a permanent boat house.


Add a free standing boat lift to your floating dock for a simple non permanent dock and lift system that can be installed in 1 day. Or install a free standing boat lift next to an existing boat house for your second boat.


We can even install the Touchless Cover® to give you the ultimate protection. In the future If your needs change, simply reconfigure the dock and lift. It is that simple.


Docks & Lifts

Boat Lifts

Ladders, Bumpers, Ropes... Oh My!

At the Touchless Boat Cover Orlando we have the most extensive line of boat dock accessories in town. 

From lifts, bumpers, ladders, cleats, dock boxes we have it all. When you need  an upgrade to your dock don't hesitate to contact us for any of your needs!

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