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Central Florida's choice for a hassle-free boating lifestyle

Improve your boating experience.

Touchless Cover® of Orlando is your home for dock and lift accessories to keep your dock accessible and your boat investment protected for enjoyment.

As experts in boat dock accessories, we are not only able to accommodate your needs, we aim to exceed your expectations by providing excellent service and product options.

Touchless Cover® of Orlando has been a local favorite for “all things” boat dock related for over 20 years. We are a full service Boat dock, lift repair, service and installation company.

Touchless Cover® of Orlando offers a wide selection of Boat and PWC lifts, Floating Docks, The Touchless Boat Cover® and a wide range of boat dock accessories, from ladders, bumpers, grease gutters, perfect park, to dock boxes and more to meet all of your boating needs.


Our focus is on safety, customer service, and enhancing the boating lifestyle. This commitment has earned us a strong reputation as the “boat dock and lift professionals in Central Florida”.

What we do:


Service made simple

Touchless Cover® of Orlando has years of experience assessing damage, repairing and enhancing existing boat docks as the boating needs have changed over the years. If you are considering a new boat, let us inspect your existing dock to insure it is safe for your new boat.


We offer annual service plans and free inspections. Our goal is to keep your boat dock safe and ready. Convenience will promote more use of your boat. We can take all the challenges away from you and open you up to an easy boating lifestyle.


It's not just a boat, it's a lifestyle.

Protecting your boat and assuring your dock has all of the accessories needed for you to be able to relax and enjoy your time on the water is what we specialize in. Ropes, ladders, gutters, and bumpers may not be exciting but they are the things that make boat life better. 

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